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What I do

I'm a full stack developer with a graphic design background. I love building web applications and websites of any kind, from company profile landing pages to a complex web applications with user interactions, e-commerce, CRM, etc.

In the past years, the web scene has changed very quickly with the introduction of React to the public, and the way developers are creating web applications has changed significantly. The common MVC approach has "evolved" into a component-based way of structuring things, which at first could not be seen as effective as it really is.
I also transitioned to the React world and started building web applications and websites in this way, delegating the front end to React and a React framework such as NextJs or Astro.

Today, my stack is very simple and effective. I've been using ProcessWire since 2009; it's solid, reliable, and scalable, and it helps me build whatever the client needs. Nowadays I'm using it for the backend. For the frontend, I'm using React with NextJs. Style-wise, I love working with Tailwind and ChakraUI, which I transitioned to from Bootstrap, which I had used for almost a decade.

This website stack:
  _host: Amazon AWS + Vercel
  _backEnd: ProcessWire
  _frontEnd: React + NextJs
  _styles: ChakraUI